Last updated 6 months ago

I cannot find my organization

This may be because Sider does not have access to your organization on Github. You can solve this problem by granting Sider access permission to your organization on GitHub shown as the following:

  1. In your Personal settings on GitHub, proceed Applications, then open Authorized OAuth Apps, and select Sider.

  2. Find your organizations in the Organization access.

  3. Click Grant.

I cannot find my repositories when trying to add a repository to Sider

If your organization has migrated to GitHub Apps, you must include your repositories in the "Repository access" section on GitHub. Visit this page and select your organization. From there, you can configure repository access for your organization.

Add a new organization

I cannot add my repository

Users who can add their repository must have admin permission for the repository. This page helps you to configure your organization registration in Sider.

How can I change repository settings?

Sign in and select repository page you would like to change settings. And click Repository Settings in the left column. Then, you can change your repository settings such as the following:

  • Selecting analysis tools

  • Setting notification

  • Switching modes

Please note that you must have a write permission to the repository in order to disable repository.

You can also disable Sider for the repository if you are an admin of the repository.

Why did a pull request fail to checkout?

In many cases, the checkout failed will be resolved by retrying. However, if the error occurs in spite of several retries, the cause of the error is possible that the analyses have been taken a lot of time.

You can ignore specific files to fix the problem. Write the settings to sideci.yml like below:

- "*.pdf"
- "*.mp4"