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Supported VersionLanguageWebsite
0.61.0+ (default: 1.18.3)Ruby

RuboCop is a pluggable static code analyzer and code formatter for Ruby. It has been community-driven developed and has many rules and plugins including third-party's ones.

Getting Started#

To start using RuboCop, enable it in your repository settings.

If you want to customize RuboCop, run the following command in your project' root directory:

$ rubocop --init

See also the user guide for details.

Default Configuration for RuboCop#

If a .rubocop.yml file does not exist in your repository, Sider uses our recommended ruleset for RuboCop. For more details, please visit Recommended Ruleset.


Here is an example configuration via sider.yml:

linter:  rubocop:    config: config/.rubocop.yml    safe: true

You can use the following options to make analysis fitter for your project.

dependenciesstring[], map[]-


This option allows you to specify your configuration file. If omitted, the RuboCop default configuration is used.


This option allows you to select whether running only safe cops or not. If confirming whether a cop is safe or not, see the cops' document.



The option is ignored when using the version 0.72.0 or later, and will be removed in the future. Use rubocop-rails instead.

This option allows you to select whether using Rails cops or not. If omitted, Sider automatically determines it.