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Supported VersionLanguageWebsite
0.5.0+ (default: 1.3.0)Ruby

Querly is a customizable and pattern-based analysis tool for Ruby. You can easily write your own rule for your project via the YAML configuration file.

Getting Started#

To start using Querly, enable it in your repository settings, and put a querly.yml config in your repository's root directory.

Visit the Querly project page for more information about writing rules:


Here is an example configuration via sider.yml:

linter:  querly:    dependencies:      - slim    config: .config/querly.yml
dependenciesstring[], map[]-


This option allows you to specify a configuration file path you want to use.

Analyzing View Templates#

Querly has a mechanism called preprocessor for analyzing templates which contain Ruby code. Sider finds the following gems in Gemfile.lock and installs them automatically for backward compatibility:

Note that these gems are not installed automatically when the dependencies option is specified.