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Supported Version


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Python 2.7.13, 3.6.2


Getting Started

To start using Flake8, enable it in Repository Settings.

To customize Flake8, put a .flake8 file in your repository.

Python Version

If your repository contains a .python-version file, the Python version is Sider will use the version specified in that file. You can also specify a Python version via sideci.yml. The default is Python 3.

The latest versions of Python 2 or Python 3 can be used.

Default Configuration

Sider provides a default configuration for Flake8. If your repository does not include .flake8, setup.cfg or tox.ini, our default configuration will be used.

Our default configuration is available here:

Configuration via sideci.yml

Here are example settings for Flake8 under flake8:

version: 2
- flake8-bandit
- flake8-builtins==1.4.1
- flake8-mypy>=17.3.3


This setting manages the Python version used when running flake8. Python 3 will be used if omitted.


This option allows you to enable Flake8 plugins. You can set arbitrary plugin names and also specify a (minimum) version number. If no version is specified, Sider will install the latest version.