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Phinder is a static analysis tool that aims to make your custom rules via your YAML file.

Getting Started#

To start using Phinder, enable it in your repository settings and put a phinder.yml config file in your repository. Visit the project page on GitHub to see a sample phinder.yml:


Here's a sample Phinder configuration in sider.yml:

linter:  phinder:    rule: config/phinder.yml    target: src


This option allows you to specify a file or directory where your Phinder ruleset is located. If you set a file, Phinder will use the file as a configuration instead of phinder.yml. If a directory, Phinder will use all the .yml files under the directory as a configuration.

linter:  phinder:    rule: rules # Phinder will use './rules/*.yml' when analyzing.


This option allows you to specify a path to your project to analyze. If it is a file, Phinder will analyze merely the file. If a directory, Phinder will analyze all the .php files under the directory.

linter:  phinder:    target: src # Phinder will analyze '.php' files in '/src' directory.

alias: php