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Supported VersionLanguageWebsite
4.0.0+ (default: 5.0.1)CoffeeScript

CoffeeLint is a style checker that helps keep CoffeeScript code clean and consistent.

Getting Started#

To start using CoffeeLint, enable it in your repository settings.

If you want to use a version except for the Sider default version, install it into your repository:

$ npm install coffeelint --save-dev

Then, create your coffeelint.json file and edit it.

Configuration via sider.yml#

Here is an example for CoffeeLint:

linter:  coffeelint:    file: my_coffeelint.json

You can use the following options to make analysis fitter for your project.

dependenciesstring[], map[]-
npm_installboolean, string-


This option allows you to specify your own configuration file. If you want to use a configuration file except for the default coffeelint.json file, set this option.