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Skip Analyzing

Via a commit message#

If you do not want to run Sider analysis for a particular commit, you can tell Sider to skip analyzing this commit by adding [skip sider] or [sider skip] in the commit message.

(This feature is similar to the one which some CI services provide.)

For example, you can specify this magic command to your commit title:

commit c0ea7632bd701c530c91222cd000c9496043573eAuthor: Masafumi Koba
    Fix some emergency UI bugs [skip sider]

Also, you can specify it to your commit description:

commit 34f11c1ecf87d59b9213a64be06245a5e60eda82Author: Masafumi Koba
    Fix trivial typos in README
    [skip sider]

When Sider detects such a commit message, Sider skips analyzing for the commit and does not send a commit status.