Repository Settings

Last updated 2 months ago

This page is a guide for configuring your repository. You will see the repository setting screen upon enabling your repository on Sider.

You must have write permission for the repository to change these settings.

Analyzer Settings

Analyzers settings

These checkboxes allow you to enable analyzers you would like to use. The tools become available once you have checked them.

Slack Notification

Slack notification

In this section, you can enable Slack notifications from Sider. Set team#channel as Name and register webhook as URL.

Test Mode

Test mode

This section allows you to enable Test mode.



This section allows you to choose whether to enable issue contents translation to Japanese.

Disable Sider

Disable Sider

You can disable Sider for the repository in this section. Once you have disabled it, Sider will stop analysis. When you wish to re-enable Sider, add the repository from the "Add Repository" screen.

You must have admin permissions to disable Sider.