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Users are required to have specific permissions to perform certain actions with Sider. Because Sider is integrated into GitHub, the names of permission levels are the same as those set on GitHub. If you need more information about permission levels, read the GitHub documentation:

For the organization settings, Sider checks for permissions in an organization. For the repository settings, appropriate permissions to a repository is needed.

Permissions requirement for an organization#

ActionBilling ManagerMembersOwners
Install SiderX
See repository adding pageXX
Add repositoriesX
See repositoriesX
Enable repositoriesX
Delete repositoriesX
Register credit cardsX
Upgrade planX
Cancel planX
Assign seatsX
Sync with GitHubX
Invite membersX
Add Billing ManagerX
Edit Billing ManagerX
Delete Billing ManagerX
Show invoicesXXX
Add supplementary information to an invoiceX

¹ Admin permission to a repository is required.

² Only repositories you can access will be displayed.

Permissions requirement for a repository#

ActionRead permissionsWrite permissionsAdmin permissions
Add repositories
See analyzing/analyzed pull requestsXXX
See analysis resultsXXX
Comment to issuesXXX
Comment and close issuesX⁴X
Close issuesX⁴X
Close all issues simultaneouslyX⁴X
Reopen issuesX⁴X
Retry analysesXX
See analysis logsXXX
See repository settingsXX
Enable inline commentsXX
Sync repositories with GitHubXX
Generate an SSH private keyX
Download an SSH public keyX
Delete an SSH private keyX
Add Slack integrationXX
Edit Slack integrationXX
Delete Slack integrationXX
Enable test modeXX
Edit analysis toolsXX
Restrict who can close issuesX

³ You must have Member or Owner permission to your organization.

⁴ It is possible to restrict closing issues. See Restricting access to Close button.