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Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard page gives an overview of the latest pull requests, last active repositories, and your organizations.

Introduction Video#

Latest Analysed Pull Requests#

List issue cards containing the latest pull request passed into Sider.

Issue Cards#

Contain information about a pull request and links to its analysis page.

Issue cards


  • II - Pull request is being analyzed
  • โœ“ - No issues with the pull request
  • ร— - Pull request has issues

Repository information:

  • Organization and repository
  • Pull request number
  • Title of Pull Request

Pull request status:

  • Open
  • Merged


  • When the pull request was analyzed, relative to the current time.

Last Active Repositories#

Links to the last active repositories.

Screenshot of Last Active Repositories


Repository pages contain a history of pull request issue cards related to the repository.

Screenshot of repository page

My Organizations#

Screenshot of My Organizations The +Add button adds additional organizations to the Sider account.

Organizations link to organizations connected to the Sider Account.

Organization Page#

The organization page contains links to the organization's repositories, users and account & billing information.

Repositories Tab#

Search for repositories or add new repositories.

Screenshot of organizations

Users Tab#

See members with assigned seats. Admins will have the ability to assign seats and invite new users.

Screenshot of users tab

Accounting & Billing Tab#

Add additional seats, include billing details and track invoices in this section.

For more details look at Billing and Plans.