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We release Sider Enterprise's new versions continuously. It is recommended that you keep your Sider Enterprise up to date.

A release note may include the extra steps you should do to update your Sider Enterprise, so please be careful to read the release notes before updating it. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us for our help.


You MUST update Sider Enterprise versions one by one. Specifically, you cannot update it from release-202005.0 to release-202007.0. You have to update from release-202005.0 to release-202006.0 and update from release-202006.0 to release-202007.0.

Update steps#

You have to do the following operations to update Sider Enterprise.

  1. Download a new Docker image. See Get Docker Image
  2. Update configurations if the new release note requires
  3. Stop your Sider Enterprise
  4. Run the update command below
  5. Restart Sider Enterprise

On step #4, you must always run the following command:

docker run{new_tag} \  bundle exec bin/update_sider

If you try to update to the release-202007.0 or earlier, run the following command. Also, you might have to run extra update scripts in addition.

docker run{new_tag} \  bundle exec rails db:migrate

During steps #3 to #5, Sider Enterprise stops, and your users cannot access Sider Enterprise. This is necessary because running an older version of Sider Enterprise during updates may cause an inconsistent DB status or simply result in errors. We also recommend making a backup of the database for the case you need to roll back to the old version.