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Sider Enterprise Release Note in June 2020



This release includes the notable changes. Please check the list below.

  • We have removed Catpost from Sider Enterprise. See below to migrate your environment.


This release includes the following updates:


  • Bug fixes & UI design improvements


Pulling the images with these commands:

# Log inaws ecr get-login-password --profile sider-enterprise | \  docker login --username AWS --password-stdin
# Pull imagedocker pull
# Log outdocker logout

If you didn't configure the credential yet, run the following command to configure it.

# Configure your AWS credentials and regionaws configure --profile sider-enterprise set region us-east-1aws configure --profile sider-enterprise

Update Procedure:

Follow the update procedures below:

  1. Stop all Sider Enterprise services.

  2. Run the database migration.

    docker run \  bundle exec rails db:migrate
  3. Run the data migration scripts (It takes long time.)

    docker run \  bundle exec rails r script/migrate/20200520_migrate_deprecated_go_tools.rbdocker run \  bundle exec rails r script/migrate/20200515_migrate_abyssinian_to_laperm.rb
  4. Remove the catpost services.

  5. Start the services.


If you are using Dockre Compose, prefix docker-compose run SERVICE_NAME before the COMMAND, such as bundle exec rails db:migrate. Of course, don't forget to update your docker-compose.yml with the new release tag.