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Sider Enterprise Release Note in February 2020


Breaking Changes:

If you are setting ECS_RUNNERS_REGION, you MUST rename the parameter name with AWS_REGION_FOR_SIDER and set the same value on it.


From this release, Sider Enterprise does not require an OAuth App on your GitHub Enterprise, and some users are redirected to the dialog page of your GitHub App. Also, we improved the daily batch job and the total time of the batch will reduce from this release.


This release includes the following updates:


  • Bug fixes & UI design improvements


Pulling the images with these commands:

# Log inaws ecr get-login-password --profile sider-enterprise | \  docker login --username AWS --password-stdin
# Pull imagedocker pull pull
# Log outdocker logout

If you didn't configure the credential yet, run the following command to configure it.

# Configure your AWS credentials and regionaws configure --profile sider-enterprise set region us-east-1aws configure --profile sider-enterprise

Update Procedure:

See Update.