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Sider Enterprise

Sider Enterprise allows you to run Sider on your infrastructure. This allows Sider Enterprise to satisfy higher security and performance requirements than the SaaS version of Sider.

  • You can keep your source code in your network. While the SaaS version of Sider offers a high-security environment, keeping your source code in your network can enable even higher security.
  • You can upgrade the hardware for better analysis performance as you need it.

On the other hand, using Sider Enterprise means you have to manage the system by yourself. You have to set up the hardware and software required to run it and upgrade the programs.

If you are using GitHub Enterprise, Sider Enterprise is the only way to use Sider on your projects.

System Overview

System overview of Sider Enterprise. You can get to know the requirements to run Sider Enterprise on your environment.


Step-by-step installation guide for Sider Enterprise.


Configuration guide for Sider Enterprise. You may have to configure your Sider Enterprise to fit your environment.


Various operation guide for Sider Enterprise. You can make users administrators, restart services, and so on.


Update guide for Sider Enterprise.

Load Balancer

Load balancer guide for Sider Enterprise. You can get to know how to set up your load balancer to properly forward HTTP requests to Sider Enterprise.


MySQL guide for Sider Enterprise. It describes the requirements and the recommended parameters.


Redis guide for Sider Enterprise.


MinIO (compatible with Amazon S3) guide for Sider Enterprise.

Amazon S3

Amazon S3 guide for Sider Enterprise.

GitHub Enterprise Server

GitHub Enterprise Server guide for Sider Enterprise. This guide describes how to integrate it with Sider Enterprise.


Clustering guide for Sider Enterprise. You will have abilities how you should put your Sider Enterprise services across your servers.