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GitHub Enterprise Server

This document describes what you should configure on your GitHub Enterprise Server to integrate with Sider Enterprise.


Note that we assume your Sider Enterprise is running on on this page, and you should replace the hostname with the actual name.


Sider Enterprise is compatible with the supported versions of GitHub Enterprise Server. Choose your GitHub Enterprise Server version on this page, and you can get to know if it is supported or not.

In addition, you must synchronize Time between GitHub Enterprise Server and Sider Enterprise.

Registering a GitHub App#

Create a new GitHub App on your GitHub Enterprise Server. Read the Creating a GitHub App for details.

The new GitHub App should have the following properties.

  • GitHub App name: Sider
  • Homepage URL:
  • User authorization callback URL:
  • Setup URL:
  • Redirect on update: false (Keep the checkbox unchecked)
  • Webhook URL:
  • Webhook secret: (optional)
  • Permissions: Setup the permissions as the following.
    • Repository permissions:
      • Contents: Read-only
      • Metadata: Read-only
      • Pull requests: Read & Write
      • Commit statuses: Read & Write
    • Organization permissions:
      • Members: Read-only
    • User permissions:
      • Emails: Read-only
  • Subscribe to events: Check the following events to subscribe them.
    • Member
    • Organization
    • Pull request
    • Pull request review
    • Pull request review comment
    • Push
    • Repository
  • Where can this GitHub App be installed?: Any account

Note that you don't have to set other permissions on "Permissions" and "User permissions" sections. In other words, you can leave them No access.

After the GitHub App created, generate a private key, and download the PEM file. Now, you are ready to configure your Sider Enterprise as the following:

  • GITHUB_APP_NAME: sider (Be careful that all characters are lowercase.)
  • GITHUB_APP_PRIVATE_KEY: Base64 encoded private key content.
  • GITHUB_APP_OAUTH2_CLIENT_SECRET: The client secret.
  • GITHUB_APP_WEBHOOK_SECRET: The webhook secret

See Sider Enterprise Configuration for more details.