Billing and Plans

Last updated 6 months ago

Sider Plans

Sider's plan depends on the number of users who are assigned seats. The seat-assigned users can check analysis results, close/reopen issues, post comments to the pull requests.


Public Repositories

Private Repositories

$12 USD/month(or ¥1,500 JPY/month) per seat



You can upgrade the plan and increase/decrease seats in the organization settings page.

Seat Allocation

You must have the owner role for your organization if you would like to change organization settings or repository settings.

Additionally, we have prepared the 14-day trial plan. This trial plan will start when you add the first private repository and will allow you to try Sider without any limitations. And, private repositories will be no longer analyzed when the trial has been expired.

At this time, Sider will change your plan to the Free plan unless you update Sider's plan. The Free plan analyzes your public repositories, however, one doesn't analyze your private repositories.


Sider uses Stripe for payment. You can use either a credit card or a debit card. Please check our pricing page to learn more details about billing.


You can confirm your invoice on the organization settings page.


You can check payment histories on the page. And also you can view details of invoice.

Invoice Details

The page will tell you details of the invoice. Click "Print this invoice out", then you will get the invoice as PDF to print.

You can include your company information: company name, postal code, address and so on. Click "Add additional information" button on detailed invoice page, and fill in the information as necessary.

Company Information

You must have the owner role for the organization to see or edit the invoice.


How to assign seats?

You can assign seats for your teammates on the organization settings page. After buying seats, assign them to the teammates.

Assign seats for users

Click "Assign seat" with users that you would like to assign seats to use Sider.

Where can I change plan?

You can change your plan in the organization settings page within

On this page, click Update and select the number of seats. Then you can check the billing preview. After click Update in the preview, your plan will be updated. Please note that you must be an admin role for your organization in order to change plans.

We need invoices with the address of our company.

You can add your address to the invoice. Click "Add additional information" link in the invoice details page; then you will see the text area. In the area, you can write the address or other information.